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USS Downes Destroyer Pearl Harbor History

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The USS Downes Destroyer (DD-375) was destroyed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and later decommissioned on June 20, 1942.

Named after John Downes, a United States naval officer, the USS Downes Destroyer was in drydock during the attack. An incendiary bomb exploded between a nearby ship’s fuel tanks, which caused a raging fire to take place on the USS Downes and damaged the ship’s hulls beyond repair.

There is a happy ending to the story of the USS Downes. Her machinery and equipment were salvaged and sent to the Mare Island Navy Yard after the attack and an entirely new ship was built around the salvaged material and given the wrecked ship’s names and hull numbers. The USS Downes was recommissioned on November 15, 1943 and reported back to Pearl Harbor for duty.

Learn about the Pearl Harbor history with these photos of the USS Downes destroyer:

USS Downes Destroyer at Pearl Harbor

During the attack on Pearl Harbor, and after a bomb exploded Downes’ fuel tanks, the USS Cassin destroyer slipped from her keel blocks and rested against Downes.

USS Cassin Destroyer - Pearl Habor History

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