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Uncommon Aviation Gifts For Pilots & Aircraft Fans

a group of people flying kites in the sky

If you’re looking for uncommon aviation gifts for pilots and aircraft fans, we’ve got 5 solid ideas for you to consider.

Pearl 30th Anniversary gift ideas for him

Admiral’s Warbird Adventure
There’s not too many places in the world that have a strong aviation history than Pearl Harbor in O‘ahu, Hawaii.

In O‘ahu, Pearl Harbor Warbirds offers an Admiral’s Warbird Adventure that is the perfect way to relive World War II history. The experience begins as a member of the Aviation Detachment – on December 10th, 1941 three days after the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. History comes alive once they receive their simulated Classified Intelligence Brief, similar to what you may have experienced in 1941, to assist them in their Route-Reconnaissance and Battle Damage Assessment mission. Then they’ll execute a Battle Damage Reconnaissance flight aboard the venerable U.S. Navy (AT-6) that many WWII Aviation Cadets experienced early in their training. They’ll see Pearl Harbor and O‘ahu from the air as the Army and Navy airmen saw it and fly the same routes the Japanese attackers used. The sights, sounds and smells of the military aircraft with its radial engine provide the experience of a lifetime.

There are two tours that Pearl Harbor Warbirds offers. The Admiral’s Warbird Adventure is our most popular tour, but you may also enjoy a flight in our vintage warbird airplane with our Ensign’s Warbird Experience.

After the tour, aircraft fans and pilots would enjoy making a stop at the Pacific Aviation Museum, one of the top aircraft museums in the United States.

Aviation Gifts For Pilots

Admission To A Top Aviation Museum
Pilots and aircraft fans can really “geek out” with a visit to a high quality aviation museum. We’ve listed ten of the top aviation museums in the United States, but there are plenty more throughout the United States. Warbird Alley has a fantastic list of active museums listed out by state.

Modern Military Aircraft Book

A Classic Aircraft Book
We’ve compiled a list of military aircraft books that serve as great literature and reference for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. With titles like, The Rand McNally Encyclopedia Of Military Aircraft, 1914-1980 and Classic Military Aircraft: The World’s Fighting Aircraft 1914-1945, you have historical documentations of aircrafts that any pilot would appreciate.

We’ve also put together a list of top Pearl Harbor books to read. These books all chronicle and interpret the Day of Infamy, and offer their own accounts of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. These books are must read literature.

Model Airplane
While not an uncommon aviation gifts for pilots and aircraft fans, the model airplane is something that brings back childhood delight in even the most experienced pilot. With several aircraft models available online on Amazon and elsewhere, you can search and discover a rare model that has sentimental value for your gift recipient.

Airplane Cocktail ShakerAirplane Cocktail Shaker
This art deco model of a twin-engine airplane does more than look beautiful atop a bar. The center canister pops off the winged stand and transforms into an elegant cocktail maker. This aviation-themed piece featuring movable propellers is sure to leave you shaken not stirred. Martinis not included. Available at

What other uncommon aviation gifts for pilots and aircraft fans do you have? We hope you take one of these five ideas and give a great gift!