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Military Aircraft Books: What To Read

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Military Aircraft EncyclopediaThe Rand McNally Encyclopedia Of Military Aircraft, 1914-1980

The Rand McNally Encyclopedia Of Military Aircraft 1914-1980 depicts and describes all of the world’s principal military aircraft produced from the outbreak of World War I to the time of publication. There are 800 types in all, ranging from fighters and bombers to reconnaissance planes and trainers, with 1,706 airplanes shown in color, 16 color charts, 252 photographs, 772 cutaway drawings, and seven color diagrams.

Reader Review:This is one of my favorite reference books for aircraft of the twentieth century. It has everything, different makes, models, subtypes, and even includes identification of each of the different nations that used the aircraft in the first, second and post world war years. Excellent pictures, and diagrams along with production history make this book a spectacular addition to my collection.

A must have for any combat aircraft enthusiast.

Military Aircraft Books WWI and WWIIClassic Military Aircraft: The World’s Fighting Aircraft 1914-1945

Classic Military Aircraft is a comprehensive guide to the world’s fighting aircraft from the beginning of World War I to the end of World War II. Packed with fascinating information, this book covers an array of biplane, triplane and monoplane designs, from World War I scouts, through the dead ends and unusual prototypes of the interwar years, to high-powered World War II aircraft such as the P-51 Mustang and Supermarine Spitfire.

Reader Review: One of the few books that has extensive coverage on WWI planes which is why I bought it. Each plane is covered in two pages with color renderings, a quick synopsis of the design, diagrams and specs. It is compares the design with other aircraft which helps put performance into context. Content is the proverbial mile wide but 6-7 inches deep (not a criticism but a reality of producing a single volume covering the subjet). They really hit the sweet spot here!

Military Aircraft GuideJane’s U.S. Military Aircraft Recognition Guide

  • More than 400 color photographs
  • Key recognition features
  • Includes aircraft from 1909 to the early twenty-first century
  • Technical specifications and history
  • Helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • The latest developments on the aircrafts in service

Reader Review:Great Overview of US Military aircraft. New sections on UAV’s & expanded Helo section. Meant to be a short synopsis of most produced US military aircraft from WWI to the present so it doesn’t have every detail about each aircraft listed. However; as a “pocket reference” it can’t be beat. It’s an outstanding compilation for quick look-up.

Modern Military Aircraft BookModern Military Aircraft: The World’s Fighting Aircraft 1945 to the Present Day

Modern Military Aircraft is a comprehensive guide to the world’s fighting aircraft since World War II, from the earliest jet fighters and basic piston-engined bombers, to today’s high-tech and stealthy superfighters. Aircraft featured include: the F-86 Sabre, which fought its way to convincing victory over Russia’s MiG-15 in the world’s first jet-versus-jet battles in Korea; the Grumman F-14 Tomcat, the deadliest fleet fighter ever built, which has played an important part in the conflicts of the late 20th and early 21st centuries; and Russia’s export miracles the Sukhoi Su-27, currently in service with air arms across the world in an array of variants.

Reader Review: Excellent book with major military planes during the Cold War and complete atlas of major military planes and complete information this is a great book.

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