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Christmas Gifts For Military Servicemen

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If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for military servicemen, we’ve got 5 gift ideas for you to consider for this holiday season.

Pearl 30th Anniversary gift ideas for him

Admiral’s Warbird Adventure
There’s not too many places in the world that show love and appreciation for veterans and military personnel than Pearl Harbor in O‘ahu, Hawaii.

In O‘ahu, Pearl Harbor Warbirds offers an Admiral’s Warbird Adventure that is the perfect way to relive World War II history. The experience begins as a member of the Aviation Detachment – on December 10th, 1941 three days after the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. History comes alive once they receive their simulated Classified Intelligence Brief, similar to what you may have experienced in 1941, to assist them in their Route-Reconnaissance and Battle Damage Assessment mission. Then they’ll execute a Battle Damage Reconnaissance flight aboard the venerable U.S. Navy (AT-6) that many WWII Aviation Cadets experienced early in their training. They’ll see Pearl Harbor and O‘ahu from the air as the Army and Navy airmen saw it and fly the same routes the Japanese attackers used. The sights, sounds and smells of the military aircraft with its radial engine provide the experience of a lifetime.

There are two tours that Pearl Harbor Warbirds offers. The Admiral’s Warbird Adventure is our most popular tour, but you may also enjoy a flight in our vintage warbird airplane with our Ensign’s Warbird Experience.

Christmas Gifts For Military ServicemenBullet Bottle Opener
A perfect stocking stuffer, Bullets2Bandages manufactures and sells bullet bottle openers that are 100% made in the USA from once-fired, military grade .50 caliber casings. Bullets2Bandages buys bullet casings from military training ranges at government auctions and then presses the projectiles, cuts the bottle opening, and polishes them up before engraving them. You can buy these bullet bottle openers as is or have them customized for a unique Christmas gift for military servicemen!

Christmas Gifts For Military ServicemenPatriotic Apparel
AAF Nation produces patriotic apparel with overt sayings that speak to the authentic nature of American pride. Many of their tees and pieces of gear don’t exactly exude the cheerful holiday spirit, but their sayings resonate well with military servicemen. Entire collections of marine shirts and patriot shirts showcase sayings that strongly promote American pride.

Coffee for veteransCoffee
Sean Ricks is an active duty Navy service member. Sean and his wife started a coffee roasting business a year and a half ago that gives 10% of their profits to the Wounded Warrior Project and Streetlight, a homeless outreach.

Hot coffee that gives back makes the Christmas gift for military servicemen!

Christmas Gifts For Military ServicemenPearl diving in Tahiti
Two sisters — both Army brats, one an active-duty military intelligence officer — make backpacks, handbags, totes and accessories from tent canvas, parachutes and other surplus materials. “By recycling and repurposing military gear with a fashionable touch, and working with veterans, we create sturdy and sophisticated products, whose sale will empower veteran employment, reduce waste and strengthen civil-military understanding,” say Emily and Betsy Nunez. “In this way, our bags are rugged, refined and relevant.”

Sword & Plough offers backpacks, handbags, totes and other accessories made from tent canvas, parachutes and other surplus materials at

What other Christmas gifts for military servicemen do you have? We hope you take one of these five ideas and enjoy a great holiday with friends and family.