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What Is At Pearl Harbor Today?

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So, nearly 76 years later — what is at Pearl Harbor today? While you’re probably familiar with Pearl Harbor as a historic battle site that spurred America’s entrance to WWII after the infamous Japanese attack, did you know it’s still a culturally enriching and relevant site to visit today? There are several incredible artifacts from Pearl Harbor preserved and available for you to see. You’ll also find interactive tours and activities, so keep reading to learn about how to experience this history today.

What Is At Pearl Harbor Today? Sites To Visit

Interactive Tours

Visit Pearl Harbor Warbirds to schedule an authentic and historic flight experience over the actual site of Pearl Harbor. For a fun and adventurous experience, you’ll suit up in authentic World War II flight and naval uniforms. Then, enjoy a guided tour over the site where the battle occurred. You will retrace the steps of the Army and Navy airmen in the days following the bombing, embarking on a historical experience in the process. Pearl Harbor Warbirds offers the thrilling chance to ride in an authentic WWII SNJ T-6 Texan airplane over Pearl Harbor. As a plus, you’ll see beautiful Hawaiian scenery and get to experience Oahu, Hawaii. It’s one of the most gorgeous and coveted vacation spots in the world.


There are several noteworthy artifacts located at various places throughout the United States that have been exceptionally preserved as part of significant American history. At the actual Pearl Harbor site in Hawaii, you can visit remnants of shipwrecks and learn about the role the ships played in the battle. During the massive attack on Pearl Harbor, one of the ships that sank was the USS Arizona. Today, you will have the opportunity to view the wreckage of this ship when you visit Pearl Harbor. Additionally, you can visit the monument to the men killed during the ambush and experience the somber peace of a historic war site. Furthermore, at the actual Pearl Harbor site, you can visit the spot where the US involvement in WWII explicitly began. Tour the Battleship Missouri, where the Japanese surrender ended the war.

Museums and Exhibits

The Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor has been publicly open since 2006 and has only grown steadily, adding a wealth of aircraft and exhibits, now occupying two WWII hangars. Plus, in 2010, TripAdvisor ranked it among the top 10 aviation-related attractions in the country. From the island’s impressive 158-foot control tower, to the World War II-era hangars that encompass the Museum’s aircraft collection, signs of the Japanese ambush are still visible to this day. By attending this museum, you’ll be hastily ushered into Hangar 37. There, you will be able to stroll among authentic WWII-era planes, including a legitimate Japanese Zero and a Stearman N2S-3 once piloted by former American President George H. W. Bush.


While it is exciting to visit and experience cool and exhilarating aspects of Pearl Harbor, it is important to remember the patriotism and respect Pearl Harbor stands for as well. Pearl Harbor should be somewhat of a solemn experience. The USS Arizona has its own memorial, and the Battleship Missouri does as well. In addition to participating in tours and more hands-on activities, take a few moments to visit these memorials and pay your respects to American troops and veterans.

We hope you enjoyed learning about what is at Pearl Harbor today. Book your Pearl Harbor Warbirds ride!