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Silver Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

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If you’re on the verge of celebrating your 25th anniversary – congratulations! What a special moment and achievement.

You’re probably thinking about what gift to give your spouse on this special occasion. If you can’t afford a brand spanking new silver 2 seater Mercedes directly imported from Europe (see above), then we’ve got some other gift ideas for you.

The 25th anniversary is traditionally associated with silver. In this post, we focus on 5 silver anniversary gift ideas for him.

Pearl 30th Anniversary gift ideas for him

Silver Eagle Flight
If you decide to go with the “silver” theme, what better way to celebrate your 25th anniversary than with a flight on an authentic Silver Eagle warbird on a surprise visit to Hawaii? Spending a week in Oahu to enjoy Hawaii’s beaches and laid back lifestyle is a great way to celebrate the magic between you and your spouse. If you’ve been here before with your husband, a return trip would be a great way to rekindle the magic.

While in Oahu, you can really blow him away with an unforgettable warbird flight. The Silver Eagle Flight is an introductory flight experience to the SNJ Warbird and will consist of flying basic maneuvers in the airspace around Kalaeloa Airport. Pearl Harbor and Waikīkī will be visible during the flight portion though overflight may be limited by weather and air traffic patterns. With approximately 30 minutes of flight time in the U.S. Navy SNJ (AT-6) – an authentic World War II aircraft – your husband will have a memorable anniversary gift…and some time in Hawaii with you!

Silver Anniversary Gift Ideas For HimSilver Plated Fortune Cookie
Sneak an appropriate message inside a silver plated fortune cookie (about $15 on Amazon) to forecast the future of your relationship. It’s romantic, simple and an affordable silver anniversary gift for him that will mean a lot. You can really step up your game by giving him this silver fortune cookie at the end of a nice dinner together. Perhaps, give the cookie to the waiter with the message inside and ask them to deliver it to your table with the bill. Now that’s something he’ll appreciate!

25th wedding anniversary gift ideasSilver Corkscrew with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Silver Oak Winery
Now we’re getting classy. Silver Oak Winery in Napa Valley produces some of the best Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon in the world. Grab one of these elegant silver bottles and find yourself a silver corkscrew to go with it…you’ve got yourself an extraordinary pairing for your 25th anniversary night!

Learn more at

Silver Anniversary Gift Ideas For HusbandSilver Bookmark
Every man unknowingly needs a good bookmark. Show him you know him by getting him a new copy of one of his favorite books that have been misplaced over the years and stash a nice silver bookmark in the middle. It won’t be a centerpiece silver anniversary gift for your husband, but it’s a great accessory that you can build off of for the silver anniversary theme (especially if you’re planning that trip to Hawaii…nothing beats a good book on the beach!)

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas For HusbandSilver Luggage Tag
If your husband travels a lot, they know all too well about the value of a good luggage tag. It’s the differentiator when you’re waiting for checked baggage and black suitcase after black suitcase is being spit out to anxious awaiting travelers. Gifting your husband with a silver luggage tag keeps those anxious travelers away from his checked baggage and could be a great way to gift a fun trip together.

What other silver anniversary gift ideas for him do you have? We hope you take one of these five ideas and have an amazing 25th anniversary celebration. Congratulations again!