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Hawaii News Now 10th Anniversary: Pearl Harbor Warbirds Bucket List

Hawaii News Now 10th Anniversary: Pearl Harbor Warbirds Bucket List

For the Hawaii News Now Sunrise show’s 10th anniversary, their anchors decided to each check off an item on their own Hawaii bucket lists! Host Billy V chose to take a spin in our warbird, piloted by our very own Carl “Mooch” Reynoso — and you can watch the video below!

Sunrise turned 10 years old on Sunday, September 17, 2017,  and to celebrate, the show went “On the Road” to five different islands in five days.

The anniversary has been a wonderful opportunity to look back at some memorable moments from the show’s history. It’s also fostered reflection on what makes Hawaii so special to the crew, and allow them to check off some bucket list items!

Big mahalo to the Hawaii News Now Sunrise crew and to Billy V for spending time with Pearl Harbor Warbirds!

Check out the segment here:

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