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Enjoy the Moku (island) life on Oahu!

a plane sitting on top of a mountain

Pearl Harbor Warbirds offers a truly unique adventure for history buffs, aviation geeks and anyone who appreciates a Hawaiian getaway. You’ll enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime chance to soar in the seat of an authentic WWII SNJ T-6 Texan airplane over Pearl Harbor. You’ll view stunning Hawaiian scenery flying over the “moku” of Oahu and go home with memories that are sure to last forever!

Book your tour today with Pearl Harbor Warbirds!

We welcome you to Oahu, Hawaii! Enjoy your flight through history over the moku of Oahu!

I can still feel my adrenaline pumping from the ride. It’s hard to imagine how it might have felt to pilot these planes during a real war on these beautiful pacific islands, but I’ve left the day with a better understanding of the attack and what it was like to be in the air in 1941.”

– Juliana B.

Watch Juliana’s incredible video footage of her Pearl Harbor Warbirds experience here!