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5 Reasons to Take a Warbird Airplane Ride

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People have been awed by the thought of soaring up in the sky since at least the Earth’s first written records. Legends give grounded creatures like horses, humans, and giant lizards the ability to fly though wings. Kites appear to be one of the earliest man-made flying devices, which dominated the skies until hot air balloons rose into popularity in the 17th century. However, it wasn’t until the Wright Brothers completed the first heavier-than-air, manned flight in 1903 that modern aviation truly had its start.

Warbirds have their roots in World War II aerial warfare. Spectators can easily pick out these planes by their distinct nose propellers and brightly painted exteriors. Today, warbirds make their appearances at air shows and grace a few runways for a private warbird airplane ride.

Generation after generation, we’ve all had diverse motivations for staring up at the stars or hopping onto a plane. Boarding a WWII airplane replica is no different. Here are 5 juicy reasons to take a warbird airplane ride the next time you get that itch to fly!

Warbird airplane ride

It’s a unique way to celebrate retirement.

Has dad or grandpops finally hit the ultimate milestone of retirement? There are several ways to kick off a hard-earned retirement, but few will put the newly dubbed retiree on a literal cloud nine. Retirement calls for a splendid occasion, and what better way to start conquering the bucket list than with a warbird airplane ride. If he’s run out of activities, a glance out below will reveal a whole new list of places to visit after landing.

Because you’re obsessed with anything that flies.

If you or a fortunate loved one is overly enthusiastic about aircraft (we all know at least one), then a warbird airplane flight is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live the dream. With an open cockpit, you’ll be as close to the sky as you’ve ever been. It’s just you, the plane, and your fantasy turned real.

To celebrate a milestone birthday.

Whether someone is 60 years young or just hit the big 30, a milestone birthday should be memorable. Flying above the Earth gives a whole new perspective on life. As that friend or loved ones looks back on their filled life, they’ll have a completely new experience to add on top. (Save the candles and cake for after the ride.)

To pay homage to military heritage.

The military has always been a cornerstone to American history and the heritage of millions of American families. Relive the Day of Infamy from the cockpit of an authentic North American SNJ. The Admiral’s Warbird Adventure slips fliers back in time to experience history as a Naval Aviator. After suiting up in WWII-era flight gear, you’ll receive aviation equipment issue, survival training, and a pre-flight briefing before gliding over O’ahu and Pearl Harbor. Those who have only heard Pearl Harbor war stories from veterans can get a slice of what it was like.

You want to see Pearl Harbor from the sky.

So you’ve visited the USS Arizona Memorial and maybe a few museums. Because Pearl Harbor remains an active military base for the U.S. Pacific Fleet, as a civilian you may not have seen it all. Taking a flight bypasses civilian restrictions and allows you to get an undisturbed view of the entire harbor. Rather than getting a tiny curated taste of what today’s Pearl Harbor holds, you can explore it all from above.

Bonus Reason: Proposal! Put your girlfriend on a warbird airplane ride and have her come back a fiance. If planning for an extra memorable proposal that no one you know has ever done before, pop the question via radio. After following the same flight routes of WWII Japanese attackers, a proposal is probably the last thing she’d expect. It doesn’t get more romantic than a warbird.