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5 Ideas for Father’s Day in Oahu

a group of palm trees next to a tree

What should you do on Father’s Day? Appeal to his history buff side or take him on an island adventure and show dad that you care with these five ideas for Father’s Day in Oahu.

Tropical Brunch

Start the day with a hearty breakfast. Cook with the family or avoid the dirty dishes and enjoy a meal out on the sunny streets of Oahu. Try a traditional Hawaiian breakfast of Kona coffee, and a classic loco moco- a heaping bowl of rice, beef patties, and a fried egg smothered in gravy.

Warbird plane with Pearl Harbor Warbirds

Give your Pearl Harbor enthusiast father the experience of a lifetime. Transport him back to World War II with an immersive flight tour in warbird SNJ-5C. Visitors suit up as Naval Airmen and fly around Oahu on similar flight routes as the Pearl Harbor Japanese attackers. This idea for father’s day will keep a cheesy grin on your dad’s face for the rest of the year!

A helicopter with Tropical Helicopters

Take dad on an adventure over the most beautiful attractions that Oahu has to offer. View ten of the worlds 14 climate zones from the sky on the Hawaii Circle Island Experience. See white sand beaches, arid deserts, and even the Kilauea Volcano! Make Father’s Day a day to remember this idea.

Take a Beach Trip

Pack the car for a day trip to the beach. Build dad a sandcastle fit for a king or pass around a football on the white sanded Waikiki Beaches. Test his water sports skills with private surfing lessons or make reservations for a dolphin watching cruise.

Go on a Hike

Take the scenic route and hike Oahu’s breathtaking landscapes. Oahu’s famous Stairway to Heaven leads hikers up a near vertical climb along the Ko’olau mountain ridge. You won’t be able to climb the stairs that were built in 1942 because of their disrepair, but a back route will lead you to the same amazing peak as the Stairway to Heaven.

Surprise dad with more than a card this year with an island adventure! Make it a day to remember with these five ideas for Father’s Day in Oahu.