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Losses And Casualties Of The Pearl Harbor Attack

Losses and Casualties of the Pearl Harbor Attack

The attack on Pearl Harbor in the morning hours of December 7, 1941 left the nation reeling. With relatively few losses from the Japanese forces and more than 2,000 American deaths, the casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack careened the United States into World War II.

casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack

In the 110 minutes it took for the Japanese attackers to swarm the skies over Oahu and spray American bases below with bombs, there were 2,335 U.S. servicemen and civilians dead. Sixty-five Japanese fighters were either killed or wounded.

Nearly half of the casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack occurred on the USS Arizona, which burst into flames when a bomb hit its onboard ammunition room–killing 1,177 American servicemen.

casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack

More than 30 former crewmen of the USS Arizona who survived the horrific Pearl Harbor attack have chosen the location as their final resting place. A full military funeral precedes a burial ceremony, during which divers place the veteran’s urn within one of the USS Arizona‘s gun turrets.

casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack

U.S. Navy Band Unit (NBU) 22, which comprised the USS Arizona‘s entire military band, was one unique group of casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack: this marks the only point in American history that an entire military band has died in action. Eighteen ships–including five battleships–were either sunk or run aground during the attack.

To this day, bullet holes and other damages from the attack on Pearl Harbor can be seen at many of Oahu’s active military areas, including Wheeler Army Airfield, Schofield Barracks and Hickam Army Airfield. Many of these have been left in order to serve as a reminder for military members to persevere through times of crisis and tragedy. Even the USS Arizona, over which the Pearl Harbor memorial museum was constructed, still leaks fuel nearly 75 years after the attack.

casualties of the Pearl Harbor attackcasualties of the Pearl Harbor attack

On a Pearl Harbor Warbirds flight tour, you can retrace the steps of the casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack from an aerial perspective. Flying over Oahu and the bases that were attacked on that “Day of Infamy” serves as a tribute to the Americans who died as well as an unforgettable journey through history and the beautiful Hawaiian skies.

casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack

Pearl Harbor Warbirds offers the best Hawai‘i flight adventure tours available. Be immersed in the details of the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor and soar above the important sites that played a part in the “Day of Infamy.” Relive history as you retrace the steps of the Army and Navy airmen in the days following the bombing. Fly on some of the same routes the Japanese attackers used into the airfields at Wheeler, Kāne‘ohe and Bellows. There are many air tours in Hawai‘i, but only one warbird airplane flight. Located in Honolulu, Hawai‘i Pearl Harbor Warbirds provides a personal historical experience making it one of the best O‘ahu attractions.

Experience an immersive two-hour adventure that allows you to relive history as a Naval Aviator and fly Pearl Harbor like it was on December 10th, 1941. Learn more about the Admiral’s Warbird Adventure.

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